• Friendships for a lifetime

Make Friends • Be Supported • Stay Inspired

Are you facing Crown Heights alone?

  • Do you feel lost in the crowd?
  • Does Chassidus not seem to offer practical advice?
  • Are you struggling to stay inspired?
  • Do you need a healthy social outlet?
  • Is it time to start dating, but don’t know where to start?
  • Did your last Shabbos or Yom Tov feel empty or disconnected?

Community In Crown Heights For Girls After Seminary


If you want to grow in Crown Heights, you need Living Chassidus.

“A tangible testament to the power of learning Chassidus.”

Mrs. Shaindy Jacobson
Director, Rosh Chodesh Society | The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

Apply What You’ve Learned

Discover the real-world application of what you learned in seminary in a supportive community environment.

Gain Clarity in Shidduchim… and Everything Else

Simplify life’s biggest choices by regularly connecting to -and updating- your core values and priorities in life.

Become a True Akeres Habayis

Go beyond “self-help”: tap into your deepest potential through the timeless teachings of Chassidus.

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Find out why Living Chassidus is the best investment you can make with your time in Crown Heights

What Makes Living Chassidus So Special?

Your favorite things about seminary: Now available in real life.

Hundreds of girls have already made a seamless transition from seminary to the “real-world” with the Living Chassidus Community.
You can too. Join Us.

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“You’ve totally transformed my entire experience of living in Crown Heights.”

Anna Abraham

“The Living Chassidus community is the community that I have been looking for since I moved to Crown Heights.”

Ruta Cohen

“Living Chassidus is the highlight of my week. I look forward to each class as an opportunity to learn and enjoy the warm social setting with friends.”

Bracha Zirkind

“I truly feel like I have so many new friends and people to connect with.”

Shira Wajsbort

“When I was first considering moving to Crown Heights I was afraid that I would be swallowed up in such a large city where I hardly knew anyone. At LCC I immediately found myself with an instant community of amazing women who are not just looking to grow spiritually but are also always ready to help each other in a practical way whenever the need arises.”

Sara Liba Schrager

“Thanks to LCC my Judaism reached a new level. Being encouraged to bring what I learn into my everyday life has truly enhance my relationship with Hashem. I am so thankful to have found this community”

Yosefa Wood-Isenberg

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