Make It Count

A lot of us have recently experienced a dramatic shift in life as we have known it. Suddenly, what once was a busy, chaotic life is now very quiet. Perhaps this is a welcomed surprise, or maybe the sheer thought of having so much time on your hands invokes anxiety.

And for others it has gone from a normal routine, to now managing all of our children at home, while still trying to maintain our jobs and other responsibilities.

Whatever your case may be, we want to empower you to use this time to your advantage!

This is an initial questionnaire, designed to help you determine areas of potential improvement, if there are any. There are 8 areas that this initial assessment focuses on, with a 9th that can be customizable. Feel free to choose 1, 5, or all 9, whichever works for you! There is no pressure to make radical life adjustments. Rather think about how now could be the time to finally study that Sefer that you’ve always wanted to, or finally tackle those little details in life that seem to always be pushed to the side. Whatever it is, this program is designed to help you achieve those goals.

Please note that all responses are strictly confidential. Therefore, record keeping and goal assessment will be left to each individual participant. We encourage you to create a folder in your email, where you can file all of your Questionnaire responses throughout the program duration for easy access and organization.