Living Chassidus has two main purposes: community building and learning Chassidus in and real a relevant way.

Living Chassidus has two main purposes: community building and learning Chassidus in and real a relevant way.

We are a community of women living their lives and striving to live the best and most fulfilled lives using our knowledge of Chassidus!

We host regular shiurim, farbrengens, community get togethers and a home away from home to women.


Living Chassidus is a “home away from home” community dedicated to addressing the material and spiritual needs of women living in Crown Heights.

Our name reflects our dual purpose: our learning programs seek to demonstrate that chassidus is not merely abstract, but rather is meant to be applied to our lives in a practical way. At the same time, we recognize that many women move to Crown Heights without social ties. We provide a warm community, social gatherings, and resources for life in the shchuna.


Living Chassidus programs can be spiritual, social, or both. They are constantly growing and evolving. Here are a few of our favorites.

Dinner & a Sicha

Once a week we gather to socialize and eat dinner together. This is followed by learning a sicha on the week’s parsha and farbrenging about how it can be applied to our lives. Participants leave satisfied both b’ruchnius and b’gashmius, with a great D’var Torah to share.

Shabbos Gems

The Shabbos Gems program brings together “hidden gem” families of Crown Heights and women who are looking for Shabbos meals. Hosts specify their availability and are paired with guests who have signed up for the program. Through this we hope to build lasting connections that will impact the lives of all involved.

60 Days and Chassidishe New Year Learning Programs

The 60 Days and Chassidishe New Year programs utilize Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s 60 Days: The Spiritual Guide to the High Holidays and a special book compiled by Living Chassidus to help participants prepare for Tishrei and the Chassidishe Yomim Tovim of Kislev respectively. Participants commit to doing a daily reading and to writing at least one private reflective journal entry each week. To serve as extra encouragement, anyone who completes this quota receives a prize – anything from a chocolate bar to a sefer. Regularly scheduled farbrengens with inspirational speakers help bring the learning home. Those who complete the program arrive at the yomim tovim feeling accomplished, spiritually energized, and prepared.


“There is no other program in Crown Heights like this for women… Living Chassidus keeps Yiddishkeit alive for me.”

-Yosefa Wood-Isenberg

“When I arrived in Crown Heights 3 years ago, I knew virtually no one. But in Living Chassidus I found an instant all-in-one community. These women are not just deeply committed to yiddishkeit, but also to each other. I know someone will always be there for me if I need help with anything.”

-Sara Liba Beer

“Living Chassidus is that constant place where I can go to grown, learn, and just be myself. They are not just a home away from home; Living Chassidus is my family.”

-Ariella Salsberg