Weekly 1 Minute Update

Weekly 1-Minute Updates

Parshas Vayishlach (2nd Week, December 2019)

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Living Chassidus One Minute Update

Coming up…

Motzei Shabbos with Friends – Game Night
Monday – Living Tanya Series Shiur followed by short and powerful Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen
Tuesday – Joining Nshei Chabad for their Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen and Seudas Yom Tov
Wednesday – Life Skill Series: MIDWIVES with Kristen and Barri from BK Midwifery

Save The Date: Wednesday of Chanukah we will have our Latkes Avent.

This past week…

Motzei Shabbos Farbrengen with Freidy Yanover
Monday – Living Tanya Series Shiur
Wednesday – Life Skill Series: Nursing with Sara Chana Silverstein
Thursday – Yud Daled Kislev Farbrengen with Shaindy Jacobson
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