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Parshas Toldos (4th Week, November)

Check out this week’s Living Chassidus One Minute Update.

Happy Birthday to Chana Simcha

Monday – Living Tanya Series:

Tuesday – SAI Kislev Kick Off:

and Chana Simcha’s Birthday Farbrengen

Wednesday – Pelvic Floor Health with Malka Schwartz:

Thursday – Friendsgiving Dinner and Mini Farbrengen for Rosh Chodesh Kislev


Motzei Shabbos – Jewelry Making

Thanks to Chani and our anonymous sponsor for dinner

Monday – Living Tanya Series 3

Wednesday – Doulas and Hopital Births with Irit Lang

Motzei Shabbos – Farbrengen with Fraidy Yanover

Parshas Chayei Sarah (3rd Week, November)

Check this week’s Living Chassidus One Minute Update

Living Tanya Series Kick Off

Life Skill Series Kick Off – Birth with Sara Chana Silverstein

Game Night Motzei Shabbos


Monday – Living Tanya Series #2
Tuesday – SAI: Kislev Kick Off
Special thanks to Eliana Aviva for spearheading this project!
Wednesday – Pelcic Floor Health with Malka Schwartz
Thursday – Chassidishe Friendsgiving Potluck followed by SAI Rosh Chodesh Kislev Farbrengen

Huge thanks to our anonymous sponsors for helping us make this happen!

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Parshas Vayeira (2nd Week, November)

L’ilui Nishmas Penina Yalta Leah bas Yosef Yitzchak

Motzei Shabbos with Friends Woodburning

Thanks to Chani Albukerk, Anonymous dinner sponsor and Chava Schechter

New Leadership Roles:
Ruta Cohen – Social Media Director
Adina Lapine – Shabbos Gems and Shipping Director
Rachel Fenwick – YouTube and Publicity Director

Navigating the Engagement period with Mrs. Esther Piekarski (check out the video recording here)

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Parshas Lech Lecha (1st Week, November 2019)

Mazal tov to Golda Clark on her son’s upshernish
Chani Albukerk on her birthday.

Siyum Farbrengen with Rabbi Simon
Leadership Appreciation and Empowerment Night


Motzei Shabbos with Friends – Woodburning
Navigating the Engagement Period with Mrs. Esther Piekarski

Update is for:
Refuah Sheleima: Efrayim Reuven ben Mina
Moshiach Halevi ben Balor

L’Ilui Nishmas:
Sharon Yehudis bas Yosef Zalman
Dovid ben Leon Aryeh Halevi
Zev ben Avraham

Happy birthday:
Menachem Mendel ben Daniella

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Parshas Noach (5th Week, October 2019)

Mazal tov Chava Baum on her wedding this week
Settling into LC Center
SAI finished, Yasher koach to everyone for their hard work!
Siyum farbrengen with Rabbi Simon Jacobson Tuesday at LC Center
Worked on calendar of events for the next few months


Living Tanya 6-Week Series – starting Wed 13 Nov/15 Cheshvan (Continuing Monday nights)

Life Skill Series: Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum – Wednesday 20 Nov/22 Cheshvan (Continuing Wednesday Nights)

Melave Malka with Friends postponed this week.

Shabbos Bereishis (4th Week, October 2019)

Mazal tov to….

Bracha Zirkind on the birth of her daughter
Simcha Baez on the birth of her son
Chava Baum on her Shabbos Kallah at LC and her wedding on Wednesday
Sara Liba Schrager on her son’s pidyon haben

Simchas Torah Potluck was beautiful!


Melave Malka with Friends Series
SAI Siyum Farbrengen Thursday night

Sukkos (3rd Week, October 2019)

Farbrengen with Mrs. Leah Rubashkin
Sukkos morning learning
Shabbos Gems thanks to hosts

Next Week…
Simchas Torah Potluck Meal

Parshas Ha’azinu (Yom Kippur) (2nd Week, October 2019)

Pre Yom Kippur Meal with Ruta
Break Fast Potluck Segula
Leadership and Shlichus talk for Beis Rivka Sem Beis
Shabbos Gems Hosts! THANK YOU

NEXT WEEK… Sukkos Farbrengen with Mrs. Leah Rubashkin

Parshas Veyelech, Shabbos Shuva (1st Week, October 2019)

NEW LC Center! We moved in.
Mazal tov Sara Liba on baby boy!
Farbrengen with Rabbi Yisroel Glick

Next Week…
Yom Kippur Breakfast Meal

Parshas Ki Savo (3rd Week, September 2019)

Breaking News! New LC Headquarters!

Dips Galore with Naomi Schleifer
Wednesday night at Boeuf and Bun
Thursday night Farbrengen with Beis Rivka Sem Alumni
Next week Farbrengen with Rabbi Motty Lipskier for Rosh Hashana

Parshas Ki Seitzei (2nd Week, September 2019)

Monday Night Dips Galore with Naomi Schleifer
Farbrengen with Mrs. Tzivia Jacobson
Special thanks to Mrs. Subie Rubashkin and family!
Wednesday night dinner at Boeuf and Bun!

Parshas Shoftim (1st Week, September 2019)

Happy Birthday to Ariella!

Single ladies Shabbaton
SAI farbrengen with Mrs. Tzivia Jacobson
And thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Parshas Reeh (4th Week, August 2019)

Had an amazing time with the married ladies last week.
SAI Kick off with Rabbi Naftali Silberberg. Not to late to join!
Now back with the single ladies Shabbaton!

Parshas Va’eschanan (3rd Week, August 2019)

Mazal tovs
Anna Abraham⁩ baby girl
Ariella Salsberg⁩ bris of her baby boy
Simcha Baez upshernish of her son

Married Ladies Shabbaton with their adorable babies!
Delicious foods, erev Shabbos massages and amazing bonding time.

Next week, Kick Off for our SAI for Elul and Tishrei!
And Single Ladies Shabbaton!

Special thanks to
Eliana Aviva, Bracha, Ruta, Adina and Estie

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