Weekly 1-Minute Updates

Parshas Ha’azinu (Yom Kippur) (2nd Week, October 2019)

Pre Yom Kippur Meal with Ruta
Break Fast Potluck Segula
Leadership and Shlichus talk for Beis Rivka Sem Beis
Shabbos Gems Hosts! THANK YOU

NEXT WEEK… Sukkos Farbrengen with Mrs. Leah Rubashkin

Parshas Veyelech, Shabbos Shuva (1st Week, October 2019)

NEW LC Center! We moved in.
Mazal tov Sara Liba on baby boy!
Farbrengen with Rabbi Yisroel Glick

Next Week…
Yom Kippur Breakfast Meal

Parshas Ki Savo (3rd Week, September 2019)

Breaking News! New LC Headquarters!

Dips Galore with Naomi Schleifer
Wednesday night at Boeuf and Bun
Thursday night Farbrengen with Beis Rivka Sem Alumni
Next week Farbrengen with Rabbi Motty Lipskier for Rosh Hashana

Parshas Ki Seitzei (2nd Week, September 2019)

Monday Night Dips Galore with Naomi Schleifer
Farbrengen with Mrs. Tzivia Jacobson
Special thanks to Mrs. Subie Rubashkin and family!
Wednesday night dinner at Boeuf and Bun!

Parshas Shoftim (1st Week, September 2019)

Happy Birthday to Ariella!

Single ladies Shabbaton
SAI farbrengen with Mrs. Tzivia Jacobson
And thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Parshas Reeh (4th Week, August 2019)

Had an amazing time with the married ladies last week.
SAI Kick off with Rabbi Naftali Silberberg. Not to late to join!
Now back with the single ladies Shabbaton!

Parshas Va’eschanan (3rd Week, August 2019)

Mazal tovs
Anna Abraham⁩ baby girl
Ariella Salsberg⁩ bris of her baby boy
Simcha Baez upshernish of her son

Married Ladies Shabbaton with their adorable babies!
Delicious foods, erev Shabbos massages and amazing bonding time.

Next week, Kick Off for our SAI for Elul and Tishrei!
And Single Ladies Shabbaton!

Special thanks to
Eliana Aviva, Bracha, Ruta, Adina and Estie

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